K Innovation offer a wide range of Sisalation Aluminium Foil / Reflective Insulation / Radiant Barrier / Attic Foil / Vapour Barrier for the building and industrial insulation purposes. It can be either single or double sided insulation material. We welcome customize size to suit your need with MOQ and within our manufacturing range. Aluminium Foil Insulation reflect up to 95% of heat remaining low emissivity value (0.05) which significantly reduce heat transfer by radiant. It serve as a passive cooling technique in conjunction with insulation.

With the result of :
Cost down of the electric bill on the cooling or heating effects for wall, floor and roof insulation.
Comfortable environment with less energy consumption for building insulation, HVAC wrapping.
Eliminate condensation within the ceilings, walls and floors when properly installed as a vapour barrier.
Protect heat sensitive commodity by wrapping or packing with insulation foil.
Retain the temperature of the heated pipe / duct etc.
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